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    Car Audio Innovations Home

    This is your local friendly neighborhood Roseville, California (Sacramento area) car audio/security/video store in the Harding Plaza Shopping Center.

    Please Note:
    We work on all types of vehicles, not just luxury and sports cars! We work on all types and years of cars, motorhomes, motorcycles, cargo and travel trailers, big trucks, little trucks, big boats, small boats. Radio, stereo, mobile video, cd player, gps navigation, hands free bluetooth, Ipod integration, car audio-whatever you need! In other words: Big or small project, no problem. We can set the clock on your radio (or try our darndest) for free, no matter where you bought it or what kind it is. 'Drop on by and say hello. Listen to some music.

    "You should hear what you've been missing!"

    Hi, my name is Rod Birch, and I own Car Audio Innovations. I started this business in 1991, out of my parents' garage in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to that, I'd been working on cars and with electronics since I was about 12 years old (about 1976 or so...). I've worked as a mechanic and for a couple different autobody shops, and I've done more than a few "side jobs". This includes things like swapping engines and transmissions into cars and trucks, brake jobs, rebuilding carburetors, tune ups, etc. I simply enjoy working on cars, trucks, boats, and motorcycles. (Plus everything else electronic and mechanical that I can get my hands on and learn about.) I am certified as an electronic service technician, and I'm trained in several aspects of automotive repair. I am also a certified 12 volt automotive installer with the Mobile Electronics Certification Program. I enjoy studying the engineering and assembly of modern vehicles. I like to understand the function of just about all of the electrical and mechanical sub-assemblies. I enjoy my work as I learn yet more about car stereo, car alarms, electronics, acoustics, subwoofer cabinet design, vehicle security, high fidelity music reproduction, multimedia, navigation, modern vehicle design; function; assembly methods, etc. I also enjoy making people happy. Every day I work with a few select guys who are just as passionate about their work, and they also enjoy making people happy. How cool is that?


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